What does a consultation consist of?

A consultation consists of a review of your life situation, using the astrological parameters of your birth details. The idea is to empower you to a fulfilled life.

In a consultation, Martin will review your past for its patterns, talents and blocks, the present for your current potentials and the future, both for where [location] and when [time] opportunities will arise. The core idea is to identify your true possibilities, developing a global 'road map' for you to move ahead in your life.

The method
There are two main options:
A. Focused reading
. Here, Martin will discuss a specific location, question or situation with the client, bringing all of his knowledge and expertise into play. You will receive a written report and then an email exchange or followup telephone conversation if helpful.

B. Full Consultation. The preferred method is to first send you a written document of the consultation [about 4 pages] and then an email exchange or followup telephone conversation if helpful.

Here's what we'll do in more detail:
1. I go over your chart for notable parameters and patterns as a backdrop to your current issues.
2. I go over your past to see what life patterns are manifesting now. We look to identify your personal life "drama".
3. I then delineate the times when new influences may come into your life and how they are likely to affect you.
4. We roam your world locality maps to find suitable locations with helpful influences and forces that can work for you, supporting what you wish to accomplish or 'attract'.

Helpful information:
The client should have at least an approximate birth time. If there is no birth time then a preliminary and separate "rectification" study must be done.
The client should provide a short history of significant life events, goals in life and any significant locations of interest.

Payment: [Recession buster! All prices reduced]
A. Focused study costs £60 for each session. That's currently about $100 or Euro 75 (Check for current currency exchange rates).
B. A full study [with a written document] costs £100 Check for current conversion rates to Dollars or Euros [currently approximately $160 or Euro 125]. (Check for current currency exchange rates)
C. Shorter studies can be done for less, and special considerations given.
Payment with credit card is accepted as is PayPal. Bank transfers for Euros or Sterling can be arranged. Check with Martin on all these points.

Contact: Martin Davis

Client feedback:

Geo [USA]: "Thank you for the truly wonderful consultation. It's good to know when to move and when to stay put. I really appreciate that you go into such depth."
David [UK]
: "You really helped me with a lot of things, but most importantly to remove from my mind the doubts about going to Australia, and exactly why this is so important for me, to face my daemons, live my truth and be what I can be..."
Francesca [Italy]; "You cannot imagine my happiness talking to you tonight.
I've been dreaming of moving the last 30 years, and now with your help will do it!"
Luisa [Spain]: "Martin is a lovely person who's not only a great astrologer, but he really cares for people."
Cesar [USA]: "Thank you for the great reading Martin. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see how it works for me".
Sandra [New Zealand]: "Thank you for the wonderful consultation last night. I will think carefully about what you said and ponder over the maps."
Tommy [Australia]: "I have read through the report you sent me and found it to be interesting and very, very helpful. Thank you for your help I now have my way forward."
Gina [USA]: "I found my session with you so very helpful. Thank you again and again. I can now move to the west coast with confidence".
Christine [Thailand]: "Thank you for giving me your very magical and beautiful gift of time. It was very special and I really enjoyed it. I have a big smile on my face and will have very sweet dreams!"

Larissa [The Netherlands]: "Not enough words to thank you for the wonderful consultation. Crystal clear and accurate! Inspired by the refreshed overview of my life's pathways, you have enabled me to blow away all dark clouds that currently covered my sunshine. It is a great reassurance that I am not lost, but right on track after all. I can go full speed ahead again, with renewed confidence."
Var [USA] " just wanted to thank you for the powerful and thorough reading yesterday"
Eva [Germany]
'Your work was so great and helpful for me , thank you so much!'

Johanne [UK] 'Thank you so much for the consultation.  It was illuminating! It was wonderful to receive confirmation that my inner longings are not unfounded.' 
Jo and Shaun [UK] '
Thank you so much for yesterday! it certainly helped us see and understand why we are the way we are. It was above all our expectations'.
Thea [UK]
'Your reading has been so impactful...I will use it to help me fulfill and manifest my true and full potential in life.  It has been such fantastic guidance.'
Laura [USA]
'Thank you so much for the session it was really great..'
Cristina [UK] '
The consultation was fantastic, really enjoyed it. Wonderful to converse with you.'
CL [UK] '
Thank you so much for your wonderful reading yesterday. I really did appreciate your knowledge, skill and words of wisdom.'
Christina [UK]
' Thank you so much for a wonderful session.  I'm inspired with what you had to say.  You have such a great way of saying things & I really appreciate your input.'
Elise [USA]
' Many thanks for a wonderful consultation! Your insight and recommendations will illuminate my path for a long time to come.  I am blessed to have made the connection with such a sage and nurturing counselor.'
Afi [Indonesia]
' Thanks for the reading,Your enthusiasm and warm spirit build my confidence for the big potential lying ahead in the future.'
Kathy [Canada] 'Thank you, Martin, for your in-depth and considered consultation. It was a treat!

Andreas [Greece] 'Thank you, for yesterday. It was a great conversation!'
Natalie [USA] 'Without a doubt, you touched my soul in ways that feel profound and life altering'.

Sharon [USA] ' I have hope again-thank you and I thanked God this morning for letting me find you'
Gerry [USA] ' It was a great experience in consultation with you and you are full of insights and wisdom. Thank you'.
Dory [USA] ' Thank you so much. It was a wonderful reading'
Patricia [France] ' Dear Martin, thanks so much for giving me such a clear indication about various places.'
Sean [USA]'Thanks again for the great reading and all your assistance.  It was a real pleasure speaking with you.'
Lorraine [USA] ' Thank you so much for an awesome job on my chart. its so interesting!
Kathryn [USA] ' Thank you Martin for this eloquent and informative writeup'

Eri [Albania & USA] 'It was great working with you and I appreciate your availability, quick and accurate responses. I am very pleased. Thank you!

Dave [Tasmania] 'Thanking you for your insightful reading and technical observations'
Marianna [Greece] 'Thank god I found you!'
Myriam [UK] 'Thank you so much for this, I love your work!