Astrolocality mentoring with Martin Davis

Martin Davis is now offering a new, telephone mentoring program to enable you to confidently bring space and location into your astrology.


Martin is well known as the author of ‘Astrolocality Astrology' , the only text book on the techniques of Astro*Carto*Graphy [ACG], Local Space [LS] and Geodetics [G]. His most recent work, ‘From Here to There' is an anthology of locality articles and includes the only comprehensive history of the entire field. He has over 20 years experience of teaching, lecturing and using the techniques.

This mentoring program offers a unique opportunity to learn from an expert:

Completely personalised to the needs of the individual; from beginner to professional

•  Training by one-on-one personal telephone sessions (free phone calls!)

•  Free introductory telephone conversation

•  Reasonable fees, all discussed before mentoring begins

•  Work at your own pace and to your own schedule

•  An astrological mapping computer program and your interest are the minimum requirements

Some details to be determined in the pre-mentoring, free telephone call:

1. All students will need an astrological mapping program and a telephone. I can call you so calls will be free except for mobile lines in some countries.
2. Many students will need to purchase a copy of both of my books, Astrolocality Astrology and From Here to There.

3. Some students will benefit from a consultation to start with so that they get to know their maps and see how I operate

4. Some students will want the Equinox ACG package to obtain the Jim Lewis ACG interpretations as well as new interpretations on Chiron and the Nodes.

How it works:

1. In the free introductory call we decide the best way forward and the materials necessary to accomplish this.

2. Students will be given brief reading material from one or both of my books.Most students will then review their own ACG maps, based on the reading material.

3. There will then be a mentoring telephone call. It can be over an hour if necessary. Calls themselves are free but will be billed at Sterling 60 per call. Please check exchange rates for the equivalents in $ and Euros. At today's rates that is about $96 or Euro 84.

4. More material will be given to the student and another call may follow if necessary. It is unlikely that more than 2 or 3 calls will be necessary to cover ACG and Local Space and Geodetics too.

Special considerations given.

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