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Do you have questions about where to live, where to work or where to find love? Perhaps you want to know those locations which would most support your wishes? Would you like to know the best time to move to these locations? Do you want to uncover the patterns preventing you from experiencing new and exciting life opportunities? If so, Martin Davis' services may be perfect for you!

Davis has been working with locality astrology for over 20 years. His first article on the subject was published in the Nov-Dec.1989 issue of the British Astrological Journal. The article was titled Local Space Astrology. In it, he introduced an original concept of combining two techniques (ACG and Local Space) on one map,naming crossing lines as Bi-Parans or "Destiny Crossings".
Martin has lived and lectured on locality techniques in many places around the world. His residences have included the USA, the UK, Continental Europe (France, Germany and Holland), Turkey, India, Taiwan and South America. As one reviewer of his book, Astrolocality Astrology, noted, "Martin has lived his lines. He has walked his talk".

Using Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space, Martin provides a highly recommended consulting service to create a 'global road map' for clients. He is the author of two ground-breaking [and award-winning] books on the locality field, Astrolocality Astrology, the only textbook in the field, and From Here To There, the only history and anthology of locality studies available today. Martin has lectured widely around the globe on this subject. He is currently featured and recommended on several astrological and 'Law of Attraction' web sites.

New: Live Mentoring
Live Astrolocality mentoring with Martin Davis

Martin Davis is now offering a new, telephone mentoring program to enable you to confidently bring space and location into your astrology.

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Martin is the author of astrology's only textbook on the locality field, Astrolocality Astrology. It was the Spica award-winner for the best astrology book in the year 2000. Click on this link to find out more about it. Also, available now: Martin's second book, From Here To There: An Astrologer's Guide to Astromapping. Click on the Books link for information.

Teaching articles: Here is a teaching article on the use of Astro*Carto*Graphy in Mundane astrology, that Martin was commissioned to write for the Faculty of Astrological Studies in Great Britain. Learn the inside story of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's role in leading Britain to success in the Falkland Island conflict. http://www.skyscript.co.uk/acg.html


A consultation consists of a review of your life situation, using the astrological parameters of your birth details. The idea is to Empower you to a fulfilled life.

In a consultation, Martin will review your past for its patterns, talents and blocks, the present for your current potentials and the future, both for where [location] and when [time] opportunities will arise. Yes, this astrology of empowerment has been called, 'the Law of Attraction in action'!

A document, outlining the findings of the consultation will be provided [by email] as well as a follow up telephone conversation - where I call you [no extra costs]. Click on the Consultations link for details.


To contact Martin for: a consulting appointment, a dedicated copy of one of his books or for advice on the best astrolocality software programs on the market today, click on the Contact link.